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Just Another Average Angry American

I vividly remember Barak Obama’s presidential inauguration in January 2009. My first thought was that the country was now in deep trouble. I was watching the ceremony with some colleagues and tried to make light of the moment. R & B legend Aretha Franklin was one of the celebrities attending the event, and I made a joke about the gaudy hat she was wearing. But I couldn’t laugh at my own wisecrack. A foreboding feeling was eroding my otherwise upbeat demeanor. America was headed for some seriously bad times.

Two months later I was laid off from the company for which I was working. A struggling economy had begun to take its toll. By the end of 2009, this company had lost 20% of its employees. Two and a half years later, the company has not recovered. In that time I’ve been laid off two more times. Incompetence and poor performance does not explain this. I’m a qualified professional person whose work has been consistently praised most everywhere I’ve been. Consider this: In the twenty plus years prior to 2009, I’ve been laid off once. Something is very wrong when able, educated Americans who live and play by the rules are unable to prosper.

Rather than dwell on my misfortunes, I try to remain optimistic. This country is still a constitutional republic with a free enterprise system of economics. I bank everything I have that it will remain so. At the same time I’m aware that there are those who believe the founding principles on which the United States was created are outmoded, unfair, and terribly flawed. These are the progressives, liberals, and left wing Democrats whose meddlesome and intrusive “fixes” have done little but bring misery to a country that by all rights should be prosperous second to none.

It’s of some consolation that I’m not alone. Far from it. From the Tea Parties and huge public protests, to the widespread dissent expressed in town hall meetings, ordinary Americans across the country have gathered in numbers too significant to ignore. As if inspired by some collective Howard Beale moment, they’re mad as hell, and not willing to take it anymore. I include myself among their numbers. As Patrick Henry might say if he were alive today, “If this be an angry mob, make the most of it!”

Iratus Vulgas, June 1, 2012



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