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“The Left is permanently at war with America.”

In 1996, conservative political activist, author and commentator David Horowitz declared that unlike traditional liberals, the Left was at war with America on every front and on every issue. Today, this war continues—a political battle waged by the radical Left to reshape America into a statist society where the federal government is the sole arbiter of individual rights.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barak Obama said just days before the election that he was going to “fundamentally transform America.” That should have been a profoundly disturbing statement to anyone who understands the founding principles that have made this country strong and great. What fundamentals was he going to change? The Constitution? Capitalism? Limited government?

I continue to believe, as I did then, that he’ll change whatever American fundamentals he thinks he can get away with. Sadly, Obama has supporters who are taking vigorous steps to implement these ultimately destructive changes. The Obama administration has become the pinnacle of a progressive movement that for decades has chipped away at the basic building blocks that have made this country a force of good in the world.

Needless to say, far-left liberals dispute all of this, but that’s none of my concern. I seek to defeat them, not convert them. The less involved in our government systems they are, the better off we’ll be. Their progressive ideas are unworkable and bad for America. The Left should be exposed at every turn, every opportunity, and their political power must end.

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