Flame Wars

We might be facing the most embarrassing moment in the history of human civilization. A couple of decades from now, some history book might appear with the following entry: “World War III Sparked by YouTube Video.” It’s a silly pretext that could easily be a story line for a “South Park” episode, but in this case, truth is stranger than fiction. If you buy into the ridiculous media reports, you’re supposed to believe that angry Muslims in Egypt, Libya, and throughout the Middle East exploded into deadly violence on Sept. 11 in reaction to a YouTube video they found insulting. Incredible but true.

Not only is the media sticking to this ludicrous story, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney remains firm that the violence “is in response not to United States policy…but it is in response to a video.” Incredible but true. If that’s not enough to stretch your credulity beyond the limits of reality, consider that Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN is promoting her version of this fiction of the absurd which she described as a “spontaneous response” to a “very offensive video.” Incredible but true.

It’s sad to think that the Obama Administration and the media have taken us for witless dupes gullible enough to swallow such a poorly conceived political fabrication. It’s more than just 180 degrees opposed to anything remotely plausible. Even in the Bizarro World they’d be scratching their heads saying “this too far out to be true.”

Here in the age of viral videos and pop culture memes, you might nevertheless assume that no thinking person could possibly believe that international relations are driven by YouTube videos and fringe-cult bloggers. Yet the Obama administration seems to have reduced US foreign policy to a social networks flame war. God help us if we’ve gotten that stupid.


The Bets Are In, The Stakes Are High

When Barack Obama made his since-gone-viral “you didn’t build that” speech (Twitter #YDBT) he turned over a very telling card in a socialist hand that he’s been building since his 2008 campaign. Now that DC Hold’em 2012 is in full play, the cards are taking shape for everyone to see.

As you might recall during the 2008 campaign, Obama told Ohio resident “Joe the Plumber” that we needed to “spread the wealth.” There were plenty of savvy political players who believed that he had just tipped his hand, yet the suckers remained at the table and checked their bets. Then days before the election Obama raised the stakes and said that he intended to “fundamentally transform America.” The chumps stayed in the game, and Obama took the White House.

Now that Barack “Hawaiian Slim” Obama continues turning over his cards, one might wonder why there are still dupes at the table ripe for fleecing. The answer comes in three words: Government funded entitlements. Obama is no doubt pleased with the progress he’s made in the fundamental transformation he’s sought: a new class of Americans who are not only beholden to the State, they’ve embraced their servitude. Obama said it himself. “It’s working.”

Back in the old days, slaves didn’t like being slaves. They aspired to liberty—even willing to risk their lives for a chance at freedom. But the 20th century gave us the insidious promises of socialism, a flawed system that continues to attract the slow learners on the Left. Barak Obama is betting that he can still keep enough pidgeons in the game who’ll buy into his shady hand.

Not one to hedge his bets, Obama sweetened the pot with his latest declaration of “a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared.” Can there be any doubt where he wants to take this country? A statist collective that would even impress Europe. Really, the only question that remains in this drawn out round of political poker is if voters in November will call his bluff.